Noah's Gen. 6

Gen 6:1-7

Of these sons of God who saw the fair daughters of men and took them as wives, Jude again expounds in verse 6 of his general epistle as the “angels who did not keep their positions of authority, but abandoned the place of their proper dwelling”. So it is very interesting to note that angels are not infallible and have been known to be tempted as in our case either by the seduction of beauty of the daughters of men, or by the continuing smooth tongue of Lucifer who is himself a fallen angel.

Here we have the co-mingling of the human and angelic strains that would cause the bringing forth of giants (Nephilim) on the earth; men and women of disproportionate size and strength, and capacity for violence and evil. We must remember, and never loose sight in our exposition of the biblical story that there is always the behind-the-scenes role that that old serpent of the garden has been playing.


It seems to our observation that Satan now, having seduced and hardened man’s heart to cause a flood of moral evil in the earth, is still not satisfied at the rate at which decay and sorrow had darkened man’s world; but now seeking an acceleration of the total destruction of the human race, he had stewarded the participation of the supernatural to catalyze mindless rejection of God’s plan by a different order of evil that mere man on his own could not ascertain to without negative supernatural help.

Again it is plausible to us that Satan’s motive in this attack is to taint and corrupt his particularly targeted audience; those fair daughters of men that were greatly multiplying on the earth unnerved and gave him great discomfort as he remembered very well the promise of Gen 3:15 that the seed of the woman would crush the head of the serpent.


It is a somewhat out of the way for us today to imagine a world so sinister, so lopsided, so twisted and depraved that rebellious, disobedient, and lustful angels would take up wives within the human community and bear children among men. Imagine the upset and chaos to the world; imagine the supernatural traffic between the human and the demonic.

The Bible neither gives us the sequence nor details of how this intense drama all played out, but it gives us a very strong hint as to how and why we find certain disproportionately gigantic tribes in the old testament. How about the subject of midgets and dwarfs (Lev 21:20)?

And what are we to do with all of these hint and sketchy pictures we seem to be presented with? When we put all of these pictures together it seems to us that there exists a dimension of wickedness and occultic practices that gives fallen men access to supernatural agents and disembodied spirits (traffic of angels and demons that is against God’s command to mankind).

This is why God sternly warned Israel against these detestable practices (Deut 18:9-12, Lev 20:27) which brought forth abominations upon the land. (It is not our intension to heap libel or insult on any one who may be living today with any form of genetic deformities that may fall into any of these classes here described.

Thank God that Jesus Christ came to redeem all of creation back to God in reconciliation since He is the Lord of All – Col 1:15-23, Act 10:36, Rom 10:12).

Before we leave this section, we wish to add that we cannot see how our exposition or extrapolation on this matter contradicts with other aspects of scriptures. In today’s world, man’s fullest lifespan is 120 years (Gen 6:30), but in the ancient times when men lived up to 900 years in the fallen state outside of God’s fellowship and presence, then one can only imagine how much sorceries and occultic practices that these ancients engaged in.

And now we hear God’s verdict and sentence upon this gross wickedness; “My Spirit will not contend with humans forever, for they are mortal: their days will be a hundred and twenty years”. God in one act of sovereign judgment and mercy cut short man’s lifespan in order to drastically reduce human accessibility to disproportionate violence and wickedness.

At this point we do not believe that we have done an injustice in our exposition of this chapter as the plain reading of Gen 6:4 tells us that these giants born of women were the heroes of old in cultural folklore with super human strength and stature.

The next series of verses show us how evil multiplied until God spoke to the only one man, Noah, who had found grace in His sight, “I will destroy mankind whom I have created from the face of the earth, both human and beast, creeping things and birds of the air, for I am sorry that I have made them.”

What a solemn moment of divine regret. Man had broken God’s heart with corruption and evil, and had also dragged down in his judgment with him all the cattle, beasts, birds, and creeping things because of the violence, wickedness and corruption on the earth.

And just when the expert narrator of this Genesis had built up so much tension in this story, he diffuses it all with the statement, “But Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord; as if to say as in Rom 5:20 “But where sin abounded, grace did much more abound”.

Gen 6:8-22

Now we are given the account of Noah and his family; Noah was a righteous man, blameless among the people of his time, and he walked faithfully with God. So despite the capacity for evil that we have helped to describe in the previous section, we see that man was not left without a choice, for Noah walked faithfully with God just as Enoch had done, so that we might see that the choice has always been set before human kind; life or death? Blessing or cursing? (Deut 11:26-28).

But sadly humanity has mostly chosen death and cursing over life and blessing during its history in this world. And thus the LORD seeing the corruption and violence of the earth, spoke to Noah saying, “I am going to put an end to all people for the earth is full of violence because of them…  so build a large boat (an ark) from cypress (gopher) wood, and water proof it with tar inside and out”.

God gave Noah both dimensions and an architectural model to follow in his construction; how to make the roof, where to place the door, how to make the rooms, and how to construct the decks. God gave Noah a construction plan that was suitable for the kind of flood that He intended to send upon the earth. Notice the advancement in man’s technical and engineering skills of that day which Noah deployed in order to obey this God’s command to build.

Also notice in Gen 6:18 were God said to Noah “I will establish my covenant with you, and you will enter the ark with your family.” This means that Noah was going to be the torch bearer of life to the next generation of humans.

God also instructs Noah to bring in a pair of all sorts of living creatures into the ark; male and female, to preserve the species that He had created from the coming destruction. Noah was also to carry into the ark all kinds of food and provision for storage for the voyage.

And just as it was later said to Moses in Exodus 40:16 that Moses did everything just as the Lord had commanded him, here it is also written of Noah that he did everything just as the Lord had commanded him (Gen 6:22).


1). From our exposition we can see how satan is the sponsor, coordinator, and facilitator of all that is evil in the earth; not only employing man’s sinful tendencies, but engendering negative supernatural contact between men and demons to increase men’s capacity for evil, sin, and violence in the earth; and therefore we should reject every form of occultic, spiritist, or any kind of practice or tradition that opens us up to demons which have the capacity to amplify man’s tendencies towards evil.

2). Till today, Occultic practices, necromancies, sorceries, magic, clairvoyance, star-gazing, witchcrafts, consulting of spirits of the dead, and all kinds of idolatrous practices are with us both in our world and most of our cultural practices and traditions.

From what we have see of their effects in the ancient days of Noah, we can get a sense of understanding of the cause of mindless evil and abominations that have riddled our times. We must never be partakers with any of these practices. We need to be proactive to reject these practices, and reclaim our cultures for the Lord Jesus Christ.

3). These five always seem to go together: Idolatry, Sexual Immorality, witchcraft, violence, wickedness, and all forms of their derivatives. These are the things that broke God’s heart in the ancient world and resulted in the great flood; these are the things that still break God’s heart in the world today, and we must never be partakers in these practices.

4). Despite the corruption and evil in the world today, we need to remember that our Lord Jesus died not only to redeem mankind, but all of creation back to God, and to reverse the curse of corruption and decay that came upon the earth because of man’s sins (Col 1:15-23; Rom 8:18-21). Jesus is Lord of all (Acts 10:36; Rom 10:12), and head over every principality and power.

5). We need to remember that although we live in times when evil has gone rampant, and it seems as if the earth has gone out of control, God has drastically limited man’s capacity to bring upon the earth such rapid destruction as we’ve seen in this passage; but we must not forget two things about men;

  •  that mankind still has the capacity to choose between good and evil, and
  •  that the huge human population of today can equally generate strong negative effects in its corporate evil and sinful potential.

Two things also about God are important for us to take note of;

  •   That He has provided a present restrainer of evil in the earth (the Holy Spirit within the church – 2 Thess 2:5-9), and
  •   God has the final judgment, and sentence of verdict upon an evil and unrepentant world like He did in the days of Noah.


6). Noah’s faithful walk with God and his complete obedience to God had positive implications for his family, for the animals, and for the entire earth. We must follow after his example to obtain his results for our immediate families, community and world.

Therefore for our safety, and that of our families, we need to enter into God’s ark of protection, our Lord and savior: the Lord Jesus Christ.

We believe in our daily studies of the scriptures our hearts and mind will focus more on the teachings from the Holy spirit. Feel free to add your comments and contributions on our blog post and social media platforms.

God bless you as you participate.

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